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To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is written in confirmation of the valuable support provided to me and to my team by NAES, Incorporated during the implementation of the enterprise management system, Primavera for the Enterprise (P3e).

NAES was instrumental in identifying and documenting key milestones, and developing a realistic, comprehensive implementation plan. NAES was detail-oriented and thorough in the identifying, and performing the work associated with this initiative.

NAES was an integral part of our project team, and played a critical role in identifying obstacles, and creating contingency plans to mitigate risks to a successful implementation. The organizational and communications skills brought to the table by NAES are extensive and have been vital to the success of the implementation. The willingness to exceed the necessary effort to discover details and to follow issues to closure, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm about the work, added significant value to our team.

Additional value was realized through clear direction on how to create a usable solution that will satisfy more than just a set of requirements, but the business needs behind the requirements.It should be known, by virtue of this letter, that NAES, Incorporated added significant value to our enterprise management system implementation effort.


John Marshalek
Project Manager 

Lucent TechnologiesJuly 2, 2001
To whom it may concern:

This letter is being sent in reference to project management support and leadership provided to Lucent Technologies by... (the company), particularly Jim Ryder and Anthony Jones, has been instrumental in the development, clear documentation, and implementation of an end to end offer realization process associated with Network Hosted Solutions. .....


Joseph M. Greene
Lucent Technologies
Network Hosted Services Solutions
Release Manager

Lucent TechnologiesJuly 9, 2001
To whom it may concern,

Jim Ryder has been as project manager for two of my projects during the past two years. During that time, I have found Jim to be both detailed oriented and thorough in his work. His role as project manager has meant well-timed and well thought out deliverables, and has provided the projects with which he has been associated with clear processes and reliable, informative support. His organizational and communications skills are extensive and have been vital to the success of the projects he has managed.

I have also found that Jim is enthusiastic about his work as well, willing to go out of his way to discover details or to follow issues to closure. Jim is always up to the minute on the state of the project, and looking one step ahead to ensure continued success.

I highly recommend him for positions that demand robust project management skills, combining knowledge of process and people. Please feel free to contact me at (908) 580-4913, for additional reference information.


Susan Barbier
Vice President
Wireless Networks Group
Lucent Technologies

March 22, 2002
To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is being written in reference to scheduling support and leadership provided to Green Contracting Company on the Baltimore - Washington International Airport (BWI) Central Utility Plant (CUP) Expansion and Upgrade project. NAES, particularly Jim Ryder, has been instrumental in the development, clear documentation, and implementation of a comprehensive cost and resource loaded schedule associated with the project.

Jim was able to capture the essence of the process, and clearly convey the process back to the entire team, such that each participant knew what would be required of them and when. By facilitating an understanding of the overall process among all team members, a clarity of purpose was achieved such that everyone understood how the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The reader of this letter of reference should know, with confidence that Jim Ryder added value by improving processes, facilitating understanding, and driving issues to completion.

If you have additional questions concerning the ability of Jim Ryder/NAES, Inc. please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Charles J. Helm, Jr.
Vice President
Green Contracting Co. Inc.

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