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project management

Have you ever felt that you cannot see the forest for the trees? Project Management is the answer. With proper planning and analysis, you can see the forest and the trees. Years of research and experience have been gathered, and volumes of text have been written about project management. The principal concept born out by all of research and experience is that, thorough planning and organization will allow you to see the detail, and summarize to meaningful levels of lesser detail.

At NAES Inc., we have a keen understanding of project management methodologies and can apply them in a scalable solution that will result in optimum execution of your project. We have extensive project management experience in every project-oriented industry, including yours. Here are just a few of the industries where we have hands-on, full project life cycle experience: Aerospace, Biotech, Construction, High Tech, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, and Telecommunications. Let us work with you and your team to improve on-time delivery of your projects.

Our services include:

  • Establishing a formal project charter
  • Pre-project feasibility analysis
  • Conceptual scheduling
  • Conceptual cost estimating
  • Developing cost/benefit analysis and associated business case
  • Communicating the project goal/s
  • Obtaining stakeholder buy-in
  • Project Integration
  • Detailed cost estimating
  • Full-scale project planning
  • Scope Management
  • Cost Control
  • Quality Assurance/Control
  • Communications management
  • Full-scale project implementation
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Issue identification and resolution
  • Regular project reporting
  • Project close-out