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Selecting a project or enterprise management software can be a daunting task. What features are available? What features do I need? What features would be nice to have? How much is it worth to have those features? What can my organization handle? Where do we stand today? How long will it take to get up to speed? How much will training cost me? Where do I get training once I buy the platform? What sort of support will I receive after I buy the product? How will the platform interact with my other systems (accounting, timesheets, etc.)? How will the platform interact with the outside world? All these are formidable questions, and only scratch the surface on what you face when trying to select the right PM platform for your organization.

At NAES, we have many years of experience on a wide variety of platforms, in a myriad of situations. There is no one solution for all situations. Let us work with you to establish and document your needs, wants, and goals for a PM platform, and find the solution that is right for your, unique, situation.

Our services include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Pre-implementation capability assessment
  • Establishing and documenting PM goals (including reality check)
  • Establishing a formal project charter
  • Independent, third-party, opinion of vendor presentations (we are not associated with ANY PM software vendor)
  • Developing cost/benefit analysis and associated business case with each potential vendor (correlating to YOUR specific needs)
  • Vendor recommendation based on our experience with your industry, and the needs assessment
  • Platform implementation plan (including quantifiable milestones)
  • Implementation support and reporting (against quantified milestones)
  • Post Mortem and Lessons Learned Project close-out