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validation and commissioning

A projects development, installation, start-up and operability requirements demand specialized skills to ensure owner expectations are continually met. The burden of ensuring all of these facets of a project are met falls with the commissioning agent. The commissioning agent represents the bridge that takes the project from a dream to reality without sacrificing quality, risking equipment damage, or personnel safety. To meet these requirements the commissioning agent uses independent monitoring and validation to watch over all project aspects until final turnover is completed.

The commissioning agent is part of an independent organization that has its loyalty to the final project outcome. Our agent is not hampered by project politics, therefore ensuring the final quality, intent, and project vision are intact at the conclusion of a project.

Professionalism, experience and, trust, are essential when projects' complexities must be synchronized, tested and documented. Validation and commissioning requirements demand specialized skills to ensure a projects' development, installation, start-up, and operation meet all requirements and expectations.

We, the professionals at NAES, pride ourselves on having the no-nonsense expertise necessary to verify and document every aspect and phase of a project, providing peace of mind and the time to concentrate on more critical activities to all disciplines involved.

The NAES team of professionals can provide the planning, witnessing, verification, training, and documentation required to meet all the design, installation, and operation requirements for all of your equipment and systems.

Our services for industrial, commercial, & research facilities, include:

Commissioning / validation

  • Planning, Coordination, and Conducting of all phases of Validation and Commissioning
  • Develop Startup, Normal and Off-Normal operating procedures
  • Pre-Validation Audits
  • Process and Methodology Validation
  • Develop System Descriptions
  • Existing & New Plant Control and Equipment Integration
  • Post commissioning activities for development of maintenance practices and procedures to integrate new equipment into existing maintenance programs
  • ISO 9000, FDA, EPA, DOE, and other regulatory agencies' compliance
  • DDC Control Package Verifications
  • Flow and Control Setpoint Verifications


  • Develop Testing Plans and Protocols
  • Hydrostatic Test Witnessing and Documentation
  • Equipment and system electrical performance testing, valve stroke timing, pump and fan rotation testing

  • Operations' staff new equipment Training and Certification
  • Post Commissioning Training
  • Create detailed operator "on the job" Training Packages for all operating disciplines
  • Writing and Training of Systems and Equipment Reliability Procedures

Additional services

  • Develop Process Safety Management Procedures
  • Draft detailed Maintenance and Operating procedures
  • Script Writing for Video Production